The Men, the ethos, the company

West Country Foods Ltd was founded with a goal in mind, to shackle the unpredictable nature of the fresh produce industry and to deliver service, quality, and value, consistently.

West Country Foods directors Adrian Ellis and Nigel Hooper are well known throughout the fresh produce industry, for their dedication to, and success in providing their fellow professional clients with the quality and service demanded of them.

They have achieved this by cultivating a supplier network, sourcing the very best of local produce primarily, then from the finest growers in the UK, and ultimately Worldwide. They feel, "building relationships with growers and importers is just as important as relations with the end user" ally this with prompt deliveries, courteous service and a friendly helpful attitude, and as they say "we don't do, don't do's!" then nothing is beyond the achievable

Your West Country pioneers Nigel and Adrian, have a collective experience in the world of professional fresh produce supply of over 60 years having both 'cut their teeth' as teenagers back when the produce industry was all about caring, good manners, loyalty and service, even if that meant sometimes working around the clock to achieve it; what would the European working time directive make of that these days?

For some time they have been sadly disillusioned by the lack of care and consideration given to the standard of produce delivered, and to customers these days; "this bad attitude seems to pervade the industry through companies large and small, it's unnecessary, and it can and must stop"

Here is a company that actually listens to its client's, and in today's competitive high speed money - money - money market, stands almost alone in investing in client satisfaction at the expense of profit; very few competitors manage to meet, let alone exceed their client's justifiable expectations.

"West Country Foods Limited exists to show that the care thought and consideration necessary to deliver those standards, really does still exist"

It is apparent, even in this short space of time in the setting up of West Country Foods, that they are establishing a major presence in the South West with customers more than welcoming this initiative in changing attitudes; being able to benefit from competitive pricing, quality, service with a professional supplier who really cares, displaying integrity in all they do

As several customers have already commented, "West Country Foods is a breath of fresh air, it's about time that we had a supplier that we can trust"

To build upon these basic principles, Adrian and Nigel select potential client partners believing that their client base speaks volumes for their business, "without the right professional clients we cannot establish and maintain standards, and create the reputation we desire and require to take this business forward, they have to care as we care"

Their dedication standards and attitude is reflected in every aspect of the business, and already is beginning to show there are benefits of investing properly in and making long term commitments not just to clients, but to their staff as they too take a pride in creating and delivering, quality and service; "staff attitudes stem from the top, they are our eyes, ears and representatives, they must care as much as we do or our ethos will not arrive at Chef's door"

The quality policy statement that takes pride of place in the depot affirms; 'West Country Foods Limited strives to provide quality, service, a 'can do' attitude and good manners to its customers through teamwork, initiative, transparent communication, and care of thought and deed'.

This is one business that has started 2010 exactly as it means to go on, with controlled growth, delivering outstanding service, and customer care.

The company has a very spacious warehouse, both chilled and ambient, and the future is looking extremely exciting for the business, its existing clients, and those that are joining them. The New Year has seen blue chip, household name companies joining the success story of this partnership between client and supplier, once they have tried and measured West Country Foods, customers are electing to stay with them, confident in "the quality control of our produce and the dedicated service we supply; they know that their fresh produce requirements are in safe hands, and for a change, comes with open and honest communications with people and a supplier they can at last trust"

West Country Foods believe they have the skills and facilities required to set the pace even at this early stage of it's life, and will in the fullness of time be the number one supply partner and preferred choice to all who source fresh and prepared produce for their business, because . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

West Country Foods knows "the customer is king"